Henry A. Hebuck – Quarry owner

Henry Andrew Hebuck


A name long synonymous with the Finnish Community of Rocklin is that of Hebuck. The progenitor of this eleven child (8 boys, 3 girls) family was Henry Andrew Hebuck (b.1868 who arrived in California from his native Finland c. 1888. His wife, Sofia, pregnant with her first child was left behind in Finland. For a short time before coming to Rocklin, Henry Hebuck worked for Griffith Griffith in Penryn. At Rocklin he worked under the supervision of I. L. Delano, who at the that time was foreman of the Griffith quarry at that place. Later, Mr. Delano acquired this quarry from the Griffith estate. For the next several years Hebuck worked in various quarries until shortly after the 1906 fire and earthquake in San Francisco when a massive rebuilding program called for large amounts of granite blocks to be used for curbing. At this time, Hebuck and August Hill leased granite lands and went into business for themselves. Mr. Hebuck would remain in the granite business until c. 1917 at which time he turned over the business to his eldest son, Lewis.

Henry Andrew Hebuck died on January 4, 1937 at the age of sixty-seven years, seven months and eight days.. besides his wife, he was survived by four sons: Lewis M. , Sula, Uno J., Harvey: and three daughters: Mrs. Lempi Aro, Mrs. Marie Rasmussen, and Mrs. Elvi Sjobory plus sixteen grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Four sons had preceded him in death.

From: Rocklin: Past, Present, Future by Leonard M. Davis. Published by the Rocklin Friends of the Library, Rocklin Ca., 1981.