Cemetery Tour

Cemetery Tour

The Vision of The Rocklin Historical Society is to create a sense of place where history engages, educates, entertains and inspires.

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Residents of Note

  1. Joseph Barudoni – Butcher
  2. O.T. Brown – Clover Valley land owner
  3. Timothy Coleman – Board of Trustees
  4. Ira Delano – Board of Trustees
  5. John Gregory – Postmaster, Judge
  6. Levi M. Hawes – First caucasian born in Rocklin
  7. Henry A. Hebuck – Quarry owner
  8. Oscar Kesti – Quarry owner
  9. John Lonergan – Quarry engineer
  10. Perkins Family Plot – Ranch owners
  11. Dewitt Porter – Board of Trustees, Saloon owner
  12. Sam Renaldi – Marshall, Died in gun fight
  13. O.H. Ricksecker – Mayor for 20 years
  14. Isabell Rugg – Wells Fargo Agent
  15. Matt Ruhkala – Quarry owner, Minister
  16. Lewis C. Smith – State Assemblyman
  17. John Sweeney – Mayor, Postmaster, Wells Fargo Agent
  18. Sam Trott – Hotel owner
  19. James Wadell – Board of Trustees, Cemetery Superintendent
  20. Anders Oscar Wickman – Quarry owner, Mayor
  21. George Willard – Quarryman, Mayor
  22. John Clydesdale – Justice
    of the Peace
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  25.  John Boyington
  26. Ponce, Rafael

In addition to the notable
early (pre-1920) residents listed above, there are many who settled
here, raised families and contributed greatly towards creating the
Rocklin we know today, Many of their descendents still live in Rocklin

Irish Families – Most early Irish families primarily worked for the
Railroad and began arriving in the area in 1849. Names to look for:
Bryan, Chaplin, Dempsey, Grant, Hurley, Kane, Kelly, Larkin, Leahy,
Layton, O’Brian, Ryan, Sheehan, Sweeny.

Finnish Families – Most early families were involved in Granite
quarrying, arriving in the 1880’s. Their plots are scattered throughout
the cemetery. Names to look for: Alexson, Anderson, Hendrickson, Huhtala,
Johnson, Kannasto, Lehtola, Nassi, Pakola, Palo, Pekuri, Pernu, Ruhkala,

Spanish Families – Most early families were ranchers. Several of these
families came to Rocklin via Hawaii. Names to look for: Aguilar, Alva,
Corral, DeFuentes, Gayaldo, Lopez, Morales, Montero, Rodas.

Asian Families – Most early families were fruit ranchers, arriving in
the early 1900’s. Names to look for: Doi, Hamada, Hayashida, Igarashi,
Mayeda, Makabe, Makimoto, Okabe, Otani, Okuso, Sasaki, Takahashi,
Takuma, Tomita.