John Clydesdale – Justice of the Peace

John Clydesdale


Born in Ireland, John Clydesdale settled in Rocklin in 1868 as a young man.

His life adventures had already taken him to London at the age of 13 and then to sail aboard the Bark Orator to San Francisco at age 22. Before settling in Rocklin, he mined in Weaver Creek, Mormon Hill and Negro Hill, where he held offices of Justice of the Peace and Constable.

After settling in Rocklin, he married Margaret Cree in 1875, also of Ireland. Together they had three sons. William in 1876, James, 1877 and Edward, 1879. John held the position of Justice of the Peace and was appointed as a Notary Public, both for many years.

Margaret (Maggie) died in 1888 leaving John with three sons-the oldest 12. Maggie’s aunt, Nancy Gillespie, helped with the boys. A short seven years later, John died leaving the boys all alone. The oldest, William was 19.
The boys grew up and in their early 20s lived together in a home on 2nd they were purchasing. William became the town Constable, James worked for the highway department and Eddie was without employment.

Tragedy struck in October of 1900. William was 24 and the town Constable. He was shot by Russell Landis over the affections of Landis’s wife, Elizabeth (Lizzy) and he died the following day. Landis went to Folsom prison for the crime.

Seems tragedy wasn’t finished with the remaining two young men. Edward died in September 1903 from unmentionable natural causes. He was only 24.

The last surviving brother, James, had married Alice Hull in August 1900 and started a family. William John born in 1901, Leona Gladys, 1903 and twins Edith and Amos born in 1906. He became the Fire Chief of the volunteer fire department. He enjoyed drinking and dancing. He and all his children lived long and full lives.

HHis great, great, granddaughter, Candice Gerard lives in Rocklin with her family including great, great, great granddaughter, Michele Gerard

John, Margaret, Nancy, William, James and Edward are buried in Rocklin Cemetery in their family plot. Section B, Lot 10 & 11 Spaces 31 -33. (near Dogwood & 3rd St)